Costs of Running Media Monitoring Projects in Iran

The costs of carrying out a media monitoring project in Iran greatly vary based on the scope of the job, client's requirements, metrics, keywords we are looking for, the number of publications selected to be monitored, client's industry and matters as such. 

Since each business requires unique and individually tailored media monitoring plan based on the company’s targets, level of market presence and future plans, we recommend prospective clients to contact us directly in order to determine their Media Monitoring needs, and to receive all necessary information on a suitable Media Monitoring plan for Iran’s market and the budget required for this job.

You can also write to us and ask for a free sample report.



NewsBase Media Monitoring reports generally include: 

A/ Media Monitoring reports, generated out of a large pool of online and print media:

  • Crisis Reports: Watching out for any content which could harm the client's image or reputation and notifying the client about a brewing issue within an hour of spotting the negative content,
  • Daily Reports: A standard daily media monitoring report, showing how the organization and its rivals are reflected in Iranian media. These reports include all standard metrics, clippings and charts,
  • Weekly Reports: A summary of all the main data collected within a week, together with the country’s major political and economic headlines,
  • Standard and Analytical Monthly Report: A report on the performance of the client's organization as reflected in the media during a month,
  • Documentation: Collected and parsed data of each month,
  • Special Event Reports: A certain batch of reports which focus on pre-defined events organized by the client (or rivals) and their reflection in the media. This could include a product launch, a certain campaign, or an industry event such as an exhibition.
  • Annual Analytical Reports: A full, extensive, in-depth report on the company’s performance as reflected in the media within a year, together with a look at the industry in general.

B/ Social Media Monitoring reports:

  • Daily / Weekly or Monthly Social Media reports: A standard report on all relevant social media activities translated from Farsi into English. Sources include: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs (Selected according to client’s industry), relevant Telegram Channels, Comment and discussion sections of select websites.

C/ Broadcast reports:

  • Broadcast event report: Analytics on event-based TV/Radio broadcasts. Event’s nature and definition, duration of monitoring and the collection of the stations to be monitored are set according to client’s requirements. Some taped data will be presented as a part of this report. Sources include: National TV and Radio stations of Iran.
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