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With our in-depth knowledge of the media environment in Iran and our extensive experience in media monitoring for local and international clients, we offer a variety of media monitoring services.

Our Services:

We offer 5 general types of Media Monitoring and Analysis services;

  • 1. Media Monitoring (Online and Print)

    We monitor, analyze and report on more than 300 official online and print media outlets in Iran.

    This service is suitable for: (a) Companies and clients who want to get a glimpse of Iran’s market and environment Before entering Iran, (b) Businesses that are already established in Iran and would like to know how they and their rivals are reflected in the Iranian media, and (c) Those who would like to follow a specific topic, such as policies about a certain industry, or the latest news affecting the economy and trade in general.

  • 2. Social Media Monitoring

    We monitor the most popular social media platforms in Iran and offer insights and reports on user/consumer activities on these channels.

    This service is suitable for: (a) Businesses that deal with consumer products/services, and would like to get a real-time feedback and analysis on their (or their rival's) products/services based on consumer reactions, (b) FMCG, Consumer Products Suppliers, Chain stores and alike, (c) Businesses dealing with Lifestyle, hospitality and Travel, (d) Educational institutions, and, (e) Any Business with direct presence in Social Media platforms.

  • 3. Online Presence Monitoring

    Your company, topic of interest or business line in general maybe not exactly reflected in the official media or the common social media platform, but rather spoken about (or should be reflected) in other forms of online platforms, such as blogs, specialty websites/magazines, review websites, professional/travel/lifestyle forums and alike. This type of monitoring and reporting is specifically crafted for such cases.

  • 4. Advertisement Monitoring and Consultancy

    Whether you are already running online ads or you are planning to do so, our advertisement monitoring and consultancy service offers you a solution for finding the proper platform for your advertisement while monitoring how it evolves. This service is based on the analysis of the media platform, as well as user data and statistics, giving you the best chances of getting seen by the right crowd, going viral and reaching your true audience.

    This service best works for: (a) FMCG, Consumer Products Suppliers, Chain stores and alike, (b) Businesses dealing with Lifestyle, hospitality, Travel, etc., and (c) Educational institutions.

  • 5. Media Strategy Development

    By combining all the mentioned services including monitoring Iranian media, social media and other online platforms, crisis news monitoring as well as advertisement plans, we help clients develop or improve their media strategy. The aim is to help the client and their PR personnel improve their position across all platforms, take a better PR strategy and stand ahead of rivals.

Types of Reports:

Delivery of each of the above services can be either on a pre-set schedule, or one-off and event-based:

1) Daily summaries, Weekly or Monthly analytical reports:

You may choose to receive reports and analytics regularly every day, every week or every month.

*Daily reports are accumulated in a very short period of time, thus usually offer less in-depth analytical potential, but keep you up to date with the real-time pace of the news. Weekly analytical reports offer you the best combination in terms of both keeping up with the publication of the stories and getting a better over-all analysis on media trends and coverage of different topics.

2) Event-Based reports:

These reports are more suitable for clients who would like to get a full in-depth analysis on a specific topic, on an event, or on an industry, during a specific period of time.

As we constantly monitor the media and store the data, we can cover both ongoing as well as past events/topics.

* Crisis News Monitoring and Reporting

Regardless of the chosen type of service, NewsBase is always watching out for Negative content which could damage client's brand or market position. For damaging or defaming content (if any), special Crisis Reports are issued within an hour from spotting the negative content, so that the client can quickly build up the proper media strategy on the case.

All of our Media Monitoring reports include:

  • a) A summary of all parsed content, indicating the most important data, most important viral stories, critical topics (if any),
  • b) Graphic representation of the data: The most active media on the topic(s), Sentiment Analysis charts, publication timeline, trend charts and other important data sets,
  • c) Special coverage on possible damaging or defaming content (if any) under "Crisis Report", so that the client can quickly build up the proper media strategy,
  • d) Media rating, Influence Analysis, Virality and Audience Data,
  • e) A list of all titles and summary of articles (Translated into English), and
  • f) Media Clipping for all or select stories (if required by the client)

* Some items, such as "Publishing Trend" charts, may not be available for Daily reports.




NewsBase uses a variety of input sources from Iran, including print media, online media, blogs, popular websites and social media posts extracted by our powerful home-grown crawler which minimizes errors.



Our reports come in different types designed for different purposes. The main ones include Crisis Reports, Daily Media Monitoring reports, Weekly /Monthly /Annual reports, Social Media reports, and Event-based reports.



Our metrics follow industry standards. Nevertheless, our developers are ready to add new definitions and measurements to a project any time that a client finds it necessary to further explore a specific variable.

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