With our in-depth knowledge of the media environment in Iran and our extensive experience in media monitoring for local and international clients, we offer various types of media monitoring reports and analysis.

We work with data, and we thrive to deliver reports which portray our client’s public image as reflected on print, online and social media. Our clients benefit from media monitoring greatly, specially where it comes to market strategy adjustments, quick reaction to brewing or existing negative issues, and business planning in general.

  Our services include:


You can navigate through other pages of this website such as Iran's Media EnvironmentNewsBase Monitoring System and Plans and Costs for further insight into our range of services and how NewsBase Reports are generated



NewsBase uses a variety of input sources from Iran, including print media, online media, blogs, popular websites and social media posts extracted by our powerful home-grown crawler which minimizes errors.



Our reports come in different types designed for different purposes. The main ones include Crisis Reports, Daily Media Monitoring reports, Weekly /Monthly /Annual reports, Social Media reports, and Event-based reports.



Our metrics follow industry standards. Nevertheless, our developers are ready to add new definitions and measurements to a project any time that a client finds it necessary to further explore a specific variable.

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