NewsBase Media Monitoring System

Media Monitoring benefits greatly from today's advanced technology. Studies show that the human readers typically miss 30 to 40% of articles containing clients’ keywords, largely because the readers quickly scan the articles for multiple clients’ keywords, not actually reading the articles word for word. Using an intelligent system, our goal is to minimize these errors. 

Newsbase Media Monitoring System which is fully developed by our team provides:

  • Speed and Accuracy Combined – The system is designed to be able to receive a large amount of input data, easily delegate tasks to different users, and maximise output accuracy and speed through various human and software checkpoints.
  • Live Feedback system – Shall any error or problem occur, the feedbacks allow for better improvement of the system and further optimization.
  • Room for Further Development – Should the client need to add new definitions or strategy, the system is capable of further expansion accordingly.

There are three general methods of Quality Control in this system:

  • Feed Control: The incoming feed from our “Crawling Service” is pretty advanced in terms of selecting technology and accuracy. Nevertheless, all major websites are also manually monitored to make sure that the crawler does not miss out any important piece. Possible errors will be rectified accordingly.
  • Automatic control: The system itself contains smart algorithms which help immediate reporting of errors to users at any point.
  • Human control: Since the automated system is incapable of understanding the context and matters of linguistics, it is important to keep a human eye on all parts. All users are in charge of monitoring the contents while the job is in their hands. Should there be any errors, they will either rectify them or refer back to the person in charge of the previous step.

NewsBase Media Monitoring system works with a variety of input data sources, including:

* Iranian Print Media: Newspapers, General interest or Specialty magazines (weekly / monthly) and alike

* Iranian Online Media: Wire services, News Agencies, News Portals, Specialty websites

* Iranian Social Media: (and Group messaging Apps): Instagram, Twitter, Video sharing platforms, Telegram channels, popular forums and alike. 

* Broadcast media: Iran's State TV and Radio channels

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