How to monitor the media and news in Iran? 

When we start a media monitoring project, we first need to identify a few key factors:

1- What is being reported? What are the main stories that right now concern our client?

2- Where is it being reported? Online or broadcast or print?

3- Who is reporting? Which media, online or print or social, is active on the story? What are their political affiliations? Are they considered independent and fair, or inclined towards your rivals, or perhaps a political view? How many people are listening to this media?

4- Why is a certain media picking up a certain story? What are their interests in this story? How this story becomes of value to them and their audience?

5- How is the story being reported? Is the outcome positive, neutral or negative to client’s interests? Is a major issue being brewed just now? Or are you receiving a free token of endorsement from the media?

Once we have these answers, much of the unwanted and irrelevant data is excluded from the project and we can start with a clear picture of the things that we should be looking for. With NewsBase Media Monitoring System, the rest is about definitions, metrics and procedures which we agree on with the client based on the requirements of the client's organization and industry. 

Iran is a complex society, and so is its ways of production and consumption of the news.

Information and wire news are channeled in a variety of ways before they find their way to the consumer. From the state TV/Radio to official online news portals, groups and channels on messaging apps, websites specialized in a certain area such as tech, business or lifestyle, and all other possible platforms, raw data is selected, carved into the political or business interest of the provider, and delivered to millions of users.

At NewsBase, we provide both qualitative and quantitative methods to identify key issues and trends in the media. We do not just deliver you a series of clipping of all news and views about you and your rivals. We also make it clear which piece of information or which media outlet is more influential and why certain stories must be taken seriously, while some can be ignored altogether.

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