Iran's Media Landscape

While there are more than 3,000 print media licenses issued in Iran, close to 300 of these are actively covering Iran’s political, economy, business and social news on daily or weekly basis. With the boom in internet connectivity especially during the past few years, more and more news consumers are migrating from print and broadcast media towards online methods of news consumption. TV and radio are exclusive to the government, which makes them less popular and less effective, and popular newspapers do offer free or subscription-based online versions of their content, too.

Just like in any other country, since the online environment provides the opportunity for starting a two-way communication between the news provider and consumer, people naturally prefer to get their news online where they can also reflect their opinion on a variety of topics and issues.

Internet penetration rate in Iran stands at above 65% and thanks to the fast developing mobile network, even remote villagers are now connected. It is now safe to say that when combined with tech, geographical boundaries are not a limitation; but rather an opportunity.


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