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Iran and Social Networks

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  • Why Do we need Social Media Monitoring in Iran’s market?

    Why do we need Social Media Monitoring in Iran’s market?

    Social Media is not just a great source of traffic which can direct users to your website. Much more than that, it offers a large pool of data that can show you how your real end-users react to your brand, your services or your products, and even to your rivals.

    When they get online, people tend to be pretty vocal about everything, and they easily share their honest opinion about different life matters. They may even get into long discussions with others about how good or bad a certain product is, what improvements it requires, if it is overpriced, cheap, or not functional. They may become your brand’s free advocates, or follow online influencers and pick sides next or against you.

    The important questions are;

    How much is your organization aware of these voices? And how involved can you be in shaping these opinions? Are you responding to them in a professional manner? Do you even have a proper mechanism to gather these reactions, study them, and adjust your products, services and brand position accordingly?

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