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Why do we need Social Media Monitoring in Iran’s market?

Social Media is not just a great source of traffic which can direct users to your website. Much more than that, it offers a large pool of data that can show you how your real end-users react to your brand, your services or your products, and even to your rivals.

When they get online, people tend to be pretty vocal about everything, and they easily share their honest opinion about different life matters. They may even get into long discussions with others about how good or bad a certain product is, what improvements it requires, if it is overpriced, cheap, or not functional. They may become your brand’s free advocates, or follow online influencers and pick sides next or against you.

The important questions are;

How much is your organization aware of these voices? And how involved can you be in shaping these opinions? Are you responding to them in a professional manner? Do you even have a proper mechanism to gather these reactions, study them, and adjust your products, services and brand position accordingly?

Social Media Monitoring offers much more than just a report on a pool of hashtags and tweets. If you are just curious to see if you are mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms, you can of course just search your brand’s name inside these platforms and see the results for yourself.

But if you are interested in seeing a bigger picture which covers a full market attitude research, including all mentions (exposure), engagement, influence, sentiment analysis, major criticisms, influencers that can work for or against you, how your rival brands are doing in comparison to your organization, and where the industry’s benchmark lies, you will need to use professional social media monitoring services.

At NewsBase, we become your eyes and ears in the social media.

Every organization needs to be prepared to boost forces where it is favored by the public, and to react properly where it is criticized. Nothing is more viral than “bad news”, and social networks are just the right place for that!

Social Media Monitoring allows you to:

 1- Get an overall picture of how people think about your brand, products or known employees, or a topic that is of your interest,

2- Receive first-hand feedbacks on your products and services,

3- Get notified immediately when any negative content is getting published and going viral about your organization (or your rivals!),

4- Get notified when an issue with your product or service is pointed out by a considerable number of users. Issue a statement, a how-to perhaps, or rectify errors through a call-back,

5- Listen to people’s wishes and expectations from your organization and your line of business. Use them in your future products and services,

6- Hear what local celebrities, reporters, journalists and influencers in your local market are talking about. Whenever necessary, Adjust! Align your brand’s position with them. Get them to work as your free or even paid advocates.

7- Find potential collaborative opportunities with individuals and corporations who can help further expand your business and your influence in the market.

8- Get a glimpse into where the future of your industry should go. People’s expectations matter!

9- Position your company ahead of your rivals! Use this large pool of analytics in strategic planning and overall leadership of your organization.

At NewsBase, we consider Social Media Monitoring a sub-category of Media Monitoring in General. Nevertheless, we do admit that its share is much larger than it seems. At least in Iran, social networks are the only reliable place where you can get access to genuine feedbacks free of charge and free of political inclinations, and right from actual end-users.

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