Who we are

We are an independent media monitoring company based in Iran, offering services to corporate clients, PR agencies and international partners.

NewsBase team initially formed back in 2014 as a contractor for a PR company and worked a number of media monitoring projects for clients such as Samsung, HyperStar (a Carrefour subsidiary) and Damavand (a DANONE subsidiary). Since then, NewsBase is providing its services independently to both PR and individual corporate clients.

In order to save our integrity, our team stays independent from any other PR activities. We believe that truly effective media monitoring is only possible when we keep our distance from direct public relations activities such as campaigning or advertising. This way, we can provide an impartial analysis over in-house created material as well as other views reflected in the media. While we DO closely work with PR and advertisement agencies, our jobs are different from each other, and we would like to keep it that way!


What we do

We are specialized in monitoring the Iranian media for corporate clients either directly or indirectly and through our partners. Be it print, online or social media, our team has a powerful news monitoring system which has been specifically crafted for this purpose. The NewsBase Media Monitoring System includes a number of tools and processes which accelerate the media monitoring job while allowing it to cover a variety of tasks with a unique accuracy level. The system is fully home-grown and is developed based on the local characteristics of news virality models in Iran, making it flexible towards any required changes.


NewsBase: A Brief Intro

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