We monitor the most comprehensive list of Iranian Press, Online Media, Social Media, Apps, Blogs and more!

NewsBase is an independent media monitoring agency based in Iran, offering analytical reports in two languages and across all sectors. 

While we closely collaborate with Marketers, Digital Marketers, PR firms and other types of agencies on a partnership basis, we genuinely focus on developing analytics and useful tailor-made insights which can help our clients in decision-making and strategic planning.

Our system is fully home-grown and compatible with the requirements of local and international partners and independent clients who keep an eye on Iran's media and market. The NewsBase Media Monitoring System includes a number of tools and processes which accelerate the media monitoring job while allowing it to cover a variety of tasks with a unique accuracy level. However, we do not miss out on the human factor. Our experts keep an eye on the job throughout the report generating and delivering process. 

Our services include:

All types of reports offered by NewsBase include standard clipping, a summary in English, sentiment analysis (tonality), a list of main elements in the piece, and a rating score which shows how important and effective the media is for every single entry. 

Having worked on a number of major media monitoring projects for clients such as Samsung, HyperStar (a Carrefour subsidiary) and Damavand (a DANONE subsidiary), we believe that our system and our team are capable of carrying out just any media monitoring project which covers the Iranian print, online, social and broadcast media. 

You can navigate through different pages of this website such as "Iran's Media Environment" and "NewsBase Monitoring System" for further details on our range of services and how NewsBase Reports are generated

Alternatively, you can write to us and ask for a free sample report.

NewsBase: A System & A Team

If Content is the King, then the Context is his Castle!

At NewsBase, our people are always on the job to make sure no junk gets into your reports.

A number of important tasks including overseeing sentiment analysis, the accuracy of summaries, interpretation of each piece and overall hand-check on all sources are carried out by our team of experts.



NewsBase uses a variety of input sources from Iran, including print media, online media, blogs, popular websites and social media posts extracted by our powerful home-grown crawler which minimizes errors.



Our reports come in different types designed for different purposes. The main ones include Crisis Reports, Daily Media Monitoring reports, Weekly /Monthly /Annual reports, Social Media reports, and Event-based reports.



Our metrics follow industry standards. Nevertheless, our developers are ready to add new definitions and measurements to a project any time that a client finds it necessary to further explore a specific variable.

NewsBase: A Brief Intro

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